Bishan Chandra Sen Gurung, General Manager, CG Education

“Attending this workshop here has given me a new insight as to how we have to take our nation’s education in the coming years.  As one of the CG Education Leaders it will be my prime duty to take this essence and first spread it in our own schools and then find a way to spread this, to share this with our other fellow educators of Nepal…I feel ultimately the V-Star Program should not only be limited to CG Education schools.  If it spreads and reaches majority of the students it is going to be far more impactful and far more beneficial, not only to students, parents, but to our nation.”


Pradip Bajracharya, President, Team Nepal.

Pradip-BajracharyaBecause only human beings yearn for betterment, for growth and for a change; we are different from rest of the creation. What separates us or makes us superior than other creatures?

….the power of reasoning.

But the modern hurry and the demand for a comfortable life has engulfed us so much that very few realize the power and its importance. But what we’ve overlooked is the consequences. Our desire for betterment but lack of time has made us irresponsible towards our social responsibilities.

I had also been part of this mass until I was introduced to V-Star.

V-Star has helped me realize once more the purpose of being human and has inspired me to spread it especially among the youths so that they may grow to be citizens who are conscious towards their social responsibilities.