From the School Management:

Nirvana Chaudhary, Managing Director, Chaudhary Group

“V-Star is the missing link between the theoretical textbook knowledge, which is what the students grow up studying and encompassing that and actually practicing that, added on with the icing on the cake, which is the V-Star Program. To me, I was convinced this program was what we need, what every child needs, what every individual needs.  Apart from seeing all the students’ enthusiasm and excitement and belief in the program, I also saw something very peculiar in their faces: contentment, purity and happiness.  They are happy! And happiness is the key to life.  If you are self content and very happy in your individual way you can make a world of difference.

I am convinced that not only Nepal, but the rest of the world needs a program like this.”

Bushan Chandra Sen Gurung, General Manager, CG Education

“Attending this workshop here has given me a new insight as to how we have to take our nation’s education in the coming years.  As one of the CG Education Leaders it will be my prime duty to take this essence and first spread it in our own schools and then find a way to spread this, to share this with our other fellow educators of Nepal…I feel ultimately the V-Star Program should not only be limited to CG Education schools.  If it spreads and reaches majority of the students it is going to be far more impactful and far more beneficial, not only to students, parents, but to our nation.”

From the teachers:

Neeru Baral, Campion School

“I learned not only to close my eyes and do meditation, but to meditate with open eyes.  The whole day we are doing meditation, doing different things but organized well, good behavior and discipline also.”

Devita Rana, Chandbagh School (Main Block)

“They (students) learn to be patient, calm, and they learn to concentrate more.”

Miroj Shrestha, Society of Aware Students

“V-Star itself looks like a change.  The thing which comes first is morality, then comes performance and then comes output, then comes society, the nation as a whole.  So when, as we know, as we say to our children: they are the foundation of the nation, the backbone.  When we can revive the morality in children then definitely also in society.  (Children) are going to be parents one day and society is going to be good.  And the whole nation will know world peace.”

From the students:

Utsav Yhapo, Student Chandbagh School Main Block

“I’m a person who always becomes angry, but when I started meditation I can calm down, like I don’t have to stress myself.”

From the parents:

Malvika Subba (Former miss Nepal 2002)

“Since this project, she has been really good she’s been taking care of herself.  She has always been kind hearted, but it has helped her to be a better person.”

Sanjib Subba

“I think there is a very good benefit because they learn to work together as a team towards the same target goal that can serve the larger masses and people.  That is a very beautiful goal.  As a young child they learn this kind of thing early in their age, when they grow up they will become very good citizens.  For them success is not only materialistic…but success is something that makes you happy, something which is also good for society. So, when they work as a team, like in the V-Star program…it is a service to the community which has long term effects. ”

From other leaders:

Yogeshwar Romkhami (Chief Commissioner for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority)

“Every child is the future of the nation, so suddenly, if he has good qualities and habits, the society of that country will be benefit.”