“How a nation turns out, depends on its youth.  How a nation’s youth turns out depends on its teachers, for it is the teachers that provide them with knowledge, as well as being a good role model.”

V-Star Nepal was launched in 2013 where it caught the attention of prominent businessman and heir to the CG group, Nirvana Chaudhary.  He became interested in meditation and joined a retreat where he experienced the incredible potential this practice has to transform the mind, and also one’s life.  The desire to spread the inner peace and joy that he experienced to the country that he loved, Nepal, was cultivated and motivated him into action.

Among other businesses, the CG group owns various educational institutions, and V-Star Nepal was piloted in these schools.

In 2013 the first V-Star Nepal Teacher Training was held in Yao Noi Island in the south of Thailand, 4 teachers from 2 schools.  After completing the training they went back to Nepal and successfully transformed 627 students.  A Leadership Training program was then held for 75 students and another 24 teachers in Nepal.

This year, in April 2014, the 2nd V-Star Nepal Teacher Training was held again in Yao Noi Island, this time with 9 teachers.

Currently, the V-Star Nepal team is preparing for the 3rd Teacher Training to be held in Thailand with an estimation of 100 teachers.

V-Star has already been implemented successfully in Thailand, with the cooperation of the Thailand Ministry of Education and International Buddhist Society.  In its 9th year, V-Star Thailand has already reached 400 000 students.

In Mongolia V-Star is also enjoying incredible success, since its inception in 2010, 400 Mongolian schools have participated with more than 20 000 students.