Six Days, Seven Nights
Nepal Nine

These photographs follow the adventures of the Second V-Star Teachers training in Thailand. Nine Nepali teachers, each with their own expertise dove into the revolutionary moral education program which is V-Star Nepal. Together they plot to transform the education system in Nepal . The training was hosted by the Air and Coastal Defence Command in Sattahip Chonburi Province, Thailand.

1st V-Star Nepal Leadership Training in Nepal

Following the success of the 1st V-Star Nepal leadership training in Thailand, another training session was organized in Nepal. 75 Students and 24 teachers attended this training as V-Star launched in Nepal. Both teachers and students stepped out of their busy routines, to have time to meditate and look within in the journey of self discovery and usher in the Dawn of a New Era.

Chaudharys Angels

The very first V-Star Nepal Leadership Training Program in Thailand was held not so long ago, in 2013. 4 CG Education teachers joined the pilot project, since teachers need to deepen their own training to become role models for self change. A teacher is just like a candle, if you light it, you can light a thousand. As a parody of the famous, Charlie’s Angels, these four teachers complete their missions from their leader “Charlie”, or rather, Chaudhary.

V-Star Seminar ADITI Sharma

With the help of Aditi Sharma, a progressive TGT at Delhi school in Kathmandu, V-Star Nepal organized seminar in Thailand to promote and spread awareness of the project. The Vice-Abbot of the Dhammakaya Temple, Phrabhavanajarn Luang Phaw Dattajeevo, the creator of the 5 Rooms Model of Morality Practice lectured the group on the basic principles of moral education and how to implement it. Participants also had the chance to visit Thai schools where the V-Star program has successfully been implemented, as well as major landmarks in the Dhammakaya Temple.